From the Wind; Hope.

airborne international research team

About Us

Our Mission:

The Airborne International Response Team (AIRT) was founded with a single vision; to provide innovative airborne capabilities that help people prepare for, respond to, and recover from complex emergencies and major disasters.

Or simply stated; to #getup

Who We Are:

We are a team of subject matter experts in various disciplines including aviation, aerospace, photogrammetry, GIS and thermography, engineering, emergency management, public safety, telemedicine, trauma care, and more

What We Do:

An earthquake strikes Peru, a tsunami hits Fiji, an F5 tornado plows through Oklahoma, a major hurricane makes landfall somewhere in the Caribbean. Or maybe a child is simply lost in the woods as darkness approaches with frantic parents pleading for assistance. This is when AIRT members #getup

​We are building the World’s Largest Air Force®, a global network of specialized teams with the training and skills to accomplish mission-critical tasks across the preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery phases of significant events, complex emergencies, and major disasters.​

Our Airborne International Response Team rapidly assembles task forces and strike teams for pre-planned and emergency deployments based on the projected mission requirements for each mission.

With the support of our partners, AIRT bridges the gap between government, industry, and academia surrounding all phases of disaster management.

airborne international research team